Full Groom

Includes a bath, dry, brush, ear clean, nail clip, and styling as required....breed standard or pet trim.

I use a modern Hydrobath to ensure a deep cleansing of the skin and coat.

Bath & Brush

For those breeds which require no styling or clipping but still benefit from a good bath, brush and general pamper.  Ear clean and nail clip included.

Puppy Pamper

A gentle introduction suitable for puppies up to the age of 6 months, once all vaccinations have been given.

The groom includes a bath, dry, brush, ear clean, nail clip, feet/face/bottom tidy.

It is important to let your puppy get used to the grooming environment and equipment from an early age.  Grooms are gentle and unrushed, allowing plenty of time for cuddles and reassurance!


For those breeds which benefit from a handstripped coat. The process removes dead hair and maintains the colour and texture of the coat.  Suitable for some Terriers and Gundogs, dependant upon individual coat, condition, age and temperament of your dog.

Other Services

Nail Clipping - keeping your dog's nails trimmed ensures the nail's health and the comfort of your dog.

Deshedding - a professional deshedding shampoo and conditioner is used to help remove dead hair during the bath and drying process, and helps reduce the amount of shedding thereafter.

Blueberry Facial - an extra spa treatment which helps eradicate tear staining on certain breeds, best used on a regular basis. 

Matted Coats

It can be normal for even a well cared for dog to have a few knots but sometimes a dog can become severely matted.  Trying to brush out a matted coat causes your dog much discomfort and distress, so under The Animal Welfare Act I will never spend more than 15 minutes trying to remove mats or knots.

Therefore, there are times when a coat needs to be shaved off to ensure the dog's welfare and to allow the correct grooming of the coat going forward.  This is an act of kindness and your dog will feel so much more comfortable.

A coat will never be shaved off without your written permission.

Please note that I do not carry out anal gland or ear plucking procedures as these are deemed to be invasive and should be carried out by a veterinary surgeon.